Reign Dental

Mr. I. N. Jha

Executive Director


(1) Meeting with DC,Handicraft on 8th August for registration of new artisans
(2) Meeting with artisans for renewal of insurance at Danapur on 12th August,Nargada on 13th August,Nausa on 14th August,Bhusaula on 16th August,Phulwarisarif on 17th August(Patna area) and from 20th to 25th August in Madhubani.
(3) Parents meeting is going to be held on 10th August in KGBV,Alinagar,Darbhanga.
(4) Refresher training of AWW scheduled on 30-07-16 has been cancelled.

is a non-government,non-profit making voluntary organisation working since 1993 for the empowerment of rural India through sustainable farm and non-farm livelihood development.It is registered under Indian Societies Registration Act,21,1860 and FCRA Act,1976. KMVKS is one of the established oragnisation for sustainable livelihood through handicrafts,agriculture and allied sector professionals in India and acts as a bridge between this network of Indian rural communities and other stakeholders,including governments,large development organisations and corporate entities, through sm all-scale field implementation projects with integrated deployment of Health, Nutrit ion, Education,Sanitation and environment for efficiency and scale. We work for enhancing livelihood opportunities for the rural poor through interventions in sustain able livelihood through handicrafts,agriculture and livestock evelopment,access to water and sanitation,skills development and women empowerment.Through our tar geted interventions for economic and environmental sustainability through Handicr afts,farmer aggregation, knowledge empowerment and market linkages,we contribu te towards food security and rural economic development. With the active particip ation of our dedicated 72-plus staff and experts across 7 field offices in 2 states,so far we have contributed to enhancing livelihood opportunities for more than 6,000 artisans,5,000 farmer households,200 agri-preneurs, 800 BPL youth,1,000 women in 650 villages,210 blocks,50 districts across Bihar and Jharkhand states of India.

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Income Generation For Weaker Community